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Joe Livoti: Music

Kid's Songs for Grownups Too

This Old Man

(Joe Livoti)
September 5, 2009

Oh Susannah

(Joe Livoti)
September 5, 2009

Ghost Memories

The Trail to Yesterday

(Joe Livoti)
From Ghost Memories. Guitar, bass ukelele and cello.

Place of Reckoning

Dawn in Sky Valley

Late Night at the Kickback Lounge

The Lady is a Tramp

(Joe Livoti)
From "Late Night at the Kick Back Lounge".
Solo Guitar

Blues for Sale

(Joe Livoti)
From "Late Night at the Kickback Lounge".


(Joe Livoti)
From 'Late Night at the Kickback Lounge'

Greetings From Galaxy X


Water Planet

Star Patrol

From the Archer to Leo

(Joe Livoti)
From "Greetings From Galaxy X"
(Dedicated to Joe Diorio)

Sail With Me


(Joe Livoti)
July 13, 2017
Joe Livoti

Destination Unknown

The Zeroids

Evening Gala Bash

(The Zeroids 1981)
1981 by Livoti, Schneyman and Hackel

When You're Tough

I'm Infected

You're My Slave

(The Zeroids 1981)
The Zeroids, 1981
Joe Livoti, Paul Schneyman, Jim Hackel, Mike Osborne