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I am a Bay Area guitarist and teacher, working out of House of Woodwinds in San Ramon. I have been a full time guitar instructor since 1986. I play and teach jazz, rock and blues, country and a little classical/flamenco. For information about lessons, please click on the "Lessons" link above.

I studied guitar privately in New York and my teachers included Ernie Arti, Joe Monk and Howard Morgen. I have performed in wedding bands, rock and blues bands, theater shows, fusion and jazz ensembles, acoustic duos, solo gigs and show bands.

I have four books available; "Complete Scale and Chord Theory for Guitar", "Applications", "How to Teach Guitar" and "Fingerstyle Arrangements for Solo Guitar". The first two are instructional books geared towards intermediate and advanced players. All are available at

I also have five CDs available. They can be sampled under the "Music" link, and purchased at "Books/Cds". Links to all CDs are at: My music can be heard on Pandora, Spotify, Last.Fm, Itunes, Amazon and all other digital music outlets.

For folks who remember the Zeroids from the New Wave days back in NY, our Record Plant E.P. "Introducing the Zeroids", is also available for download, or for listening on Youtube.

My music has also been featured in the scores of a bunch of independent films. Look for Barista, Suburban Youth, Spare Parts, Five Days, Cross Country, Singularity, N.Y. On $15 a Day, Thrush T.V. on S.F. cable, Inside Joke T.V. Coast to Coast A.M. (my favorite radio show) has also featured my music as bumper music. There are some performance and instructional videos posted on YouTube, also under the "Links" button above. In addition to teaching, I am available for solo and ensemble gigs as well as studio work. Good luck and Happy Playing!

(Photo by Weiford Watts)