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Joe Livoti: Links

LInks to my cds on cdbaby.
Music downloads for Joe Livoti.
A youtube site with all of my music in streaming form.
I have posted videos here of some solo guitar stuff, and will also try to post some instructional vids as I get the time to do it. There are also some great players in my favorites.
Joe Livoti / Guitar Page
My Facebook Guitar Page. Some vids, Music Store, Bio, etc.
Lee Howards Musical Universe

Lee has led and been part of many great projects over the years. Most recently I have been part of the Lee Howard Musical Universe, along with John Waller on drums, and other recurring guest artists. Lee has a killer site and lots to listen to there.
People keep telling me I need a myspace page. I'm not quite sure why, but I'll be adding to it and editing it as I learn more about Myspace. So, here it is; my official Myspace page.
A former student of mine whose path led to guitar construction. Steve is making some beautiful, high end, one of a kind guitars that I've loved playing and testing for him. If you're interested in a really collectible, unique instrument, check these out.