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Joe Livoti: Links

Joe Livoti / Guitar Page

The Joe Livoti Facebook Guitar Page. Music and lesson videos, Links, Articles, Music Store, Bio, etc. "Like" the page for updates and notifications. 

Joe Livoti YouTube

Solo guitar and instructional vids. Check out the various playlists, including Favorites, Joe Livoti Cover Tunes, and Joe Livoti Songwriter.


Links to all Joe Livoti music, available for download.


An evolving collection of samples, full tracks, and maybe a few works in progress.

Joe Livoti Songwriter

A playlist of all of Joe Livoti's original music. Includes both singles, and cuts from Cds. All music is available for purchase on Cdbaby, Itunes and Amazon. 

Joe Livoti Covers

A link to a Youtube playlist of all Joe Livoti cover versions. Includes singles was well as cuts from various cds. 


The Joe Livoti Spotify Artist Profile page. Various playlists in different genres including Joe's music.


Music downloads for Joe Livoti.

Guitar lesson songs level 1

A collection of beginner level guitar songs. Mostly early rock and folk.

Intermediate level guitar songs

A collection of songs at intermediate level. Classic rock, pop, album cuts, etc.

Early Jazz

A collection of classic early jazz songs from the 1920s to the 1940s. Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Richard Rogers, etc. Multiple versions of many songs. Useful for students entering the intermediate and advanced level of guitar, school jazz programs, etc.